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Upon arriving to pick up my car that Cal-Alta was replacing the windshield on I noticed that there was damage to the rear bumper that was not there when I left it with them a few hours earlier. They refused to acknowledge any responsibility for the damage evan though they stated that many other vehicles had been damaged in that very "Public Lot" over the years where they park all vehicles after servicing. They neglected to tell me this when they happily accepted my business earlier in the day. It is my opinion that any vehicle left with them is in their care until it is picked up by the owner and therefore they should have either held it in a more secure area or at least advised that they have a no fault policy and they parking lot is not safe. Their only response beyond refusal of responsibility was to tell me they'd see me in court if that was what I wanted to do...not what you would expect from a company that flaunts their "Consumer Choice Award from the Better Business Bureau? It is now my belief that the BBB award was strictly based on the fact that they simply undercut the competitions prices. Not always the best way to decide on a vendor. BEWARE!!!

Now as a result of advising Cal-Alta that I was going to report this issue to the BBB they have threatened to come to my house and repossess the windshield stating that I underpaid them by $50 (the discount they offered me after damaging my car).

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Thanks for your input Janet I feel so much better now!Say hi to Karen for me, ya she is awesome!

It's really heartwarming to be treated like a criminal/scammer right from the get-go.I am sure that if you had the same experience being the reasonable, level minded person you are coming of as you would have "sucked it up" no questions asked.


From what I can see, your car in a parking lot would be your resposibilty.I think you should suck it up.

I used to work at a body shop years ago and people tried scamming us many times.I have dealt with Cal-Alta and they are awesome.


Yes BBB did close this file but did not agree with Cal-Alta in fact they advised me that this incident would remain on their file and would be used to review their status in the future. Yet another false statement by Cal-Alta.

Lies, lies, lies!


BBB has closed this file and agreed with Cal Alta

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they can not repossess your windscreen, if you paid for it, it is now your property and them removing it is theft. they might have given you a discount due to the damage of your car. But like you said it is a discount not a bribe to stay quite

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